WARTALIKA.id – After the post-evacuation where situation remains safe and secure, of which ended on May 18, 2024, the residents of Homeyo District, Intan Jaya Regency in Papua, returned to their normal activities.

The Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) HABEMA Operations Command (KOOPS HABEMA), has placed Territorial Task Force (Satgaster) as the Intan Jaya Preparatory Territorial Command at the location. The Task Force has continued to try to help the difficulties of the Homeyo community, especially in providing basic services for the community’s needs, including educational facilities for children.

Initially, before the Free Papua Organization (OPM) set fire to the Inpres Pogapa Elementary School building, Homeyo District, on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, children from Homeyo residents and surrounding areas carried out the teaching and learning process in the school building. As a result of the burning action by OPM, now the physical building of SDN Inpres Pogapa has been razed to the ground, and all that remains is the rubble of building materials. This condition certainly makes it difficult for children and teachers to carry out the learning process. In order to overcome these difficulties, KOOPS HABEMA has invited residents to work together to clean up the rubble of the school building, as well as setting up TNI tents as a Field School on the land of the former Inpres Pogapa Elementary School building which was burned by the OPM.